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Kale smoothie recipe – love and lemons

This energizing kale smoothie recipe is a great morning wake-up call! Banana, peaches and fresh ginger make it creamy, sweet and refreshing.

Kale smoothie

This kale smoothie recipe is such an energizing way to start the day! Now that the weather is warming up in Chicago, it’s made its way into my breakfast rotation of freezer burritos, muffins, and avocado toast. Refreshing and nutritious, that’s what I crave in the mornings when the sun is shining, the air smells good and I really feel like spring is coming.

The magic of this kale smoothie recipe is that it doesn’t really taste like kale. Make no mistake, the flavor of kale has its time and place. It’s irresistible in a kale salad or pasta, but in a smoothie it can easily get overwhelming. Here, I balance it with sweet peaches, a creamy banana and a touch of fresh ginger. The resulting smoothie is sweet, creamy, and absolutely delicious. Even Jack, an avid berry smoothie lover, happily polishes a drink. Whip it up for breakfast, an afternoon snack, or anytime you crave a tasty and filling treat.

Kale smoothie recipe ingredients

Kale smoothie recipe ingredients

Here’s what you’ll need to make this healthy kale smoothie recipe:

  • kale, of course! I often make this recipe with green kale, but any variety will work here.
  • Almond milk – Use your favorite brand of unsweetened almond milk or make your own.
  • Frozen banana – It makes the smoothie soft and creamy.
  • Peaches – For more sweetness and peach flavor.
  • Ginger – It gives the smoothie a delicious kick! I love how its warm flavor plays on the sweet peaches.
  • Matcha powder – I mix it into my smoothie for an energizing, antioxidant-rich boost. If you don’t have one on hand, don’t hesitate to ignore it! This recipe is still delicious without it.
  • And ice cubes – To make the smoothie thick and frosty.

Add all the ingredients in a powerful blender and blend until smooth!

Find the full recipe with the measurements below.

Leafy greens, peaches and bananas in a blender

Kale smoothie recipe tips

  • Freeze the kale. I love that my smoothies are really thick and frosty, almost like soft (and healthy) ice cream instead of a drink. If you do that too, I recommend freezing the kale for a very thick texture. And if you’re starting with fresh peaches instead of frozen fruit, be sure to freeze them too!
  • First add the almond milk to the blender. When mixing frozen ingredients it is important that you add the liquid to the blender first. If the blades cannot reach the liquid, they will stall. Frozen fruits and vegetables are too frozen to mix on their own.
  • Taste and adjust. The secret to making the perfect smoothie is to adjust it to your taste. After mixing it, try a spoonful. Then add more greens if you like it more earthy, more ice cream if you like it frostier, more milk if you like it thinner, or a drop of honey or maple syrup for more. of sweetness. Rinse and repeat until you find a balance of flavors you like!

Kale smoothie in a blender

Kale smoothie variations

Like all smoothies, this kale smoothie recipe is super flexible! Adjust it to your liking or use whatever ingredients you have on hand. Here are a few ways I like to change it:

  • Replace the peaches. For a wintery twist on this kale smoothie recipe, substitute peaches for pears. Frozen mango would work well here too.
  • No banana? No problem. Instead, use a quarter of an avocado to make this smoothie thick and creamy.
  • Try different leafy greens. Fresh or frozen spinach would be a great substitute for kale.
  • Or another milk. If you don’t have almond milk on hand, use whatever type of milk you have. Homemade oat milk would be awesome here!
  • Give it a superfood boost. Pack extra nutrients into your kale smoothie by adding a scoop of chia, flax, hemp, or even protein powder.

Let me know which variations you try!

Kale smoothie recipe

More favorite smoothie recipes

If you like this kale smoothie recipe, then try one of these smoothies:

Kale smoothie

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Total time: 5 minutes

Serves 2

This kale smoothie is a healthy, energizing way to start your day! The matcha fills it with antioxidants and the peaches and bananas make it soft and creamy.
  • 1 Cup almond milk
  • 1 way frozen banana
  • 2 cabbage leaves, stems removed
  • 2 to 3 small ripe peaches, frozen, or 1/2 to 1 cup diced mango, frozen
  • 1/2 teaspoon grated ginger
  • 1/2 teaspoon matcha, optional
  • A handful of ice cream
  • In a high speed blender, combine almond milk, banana, kale, peaches, ginger, and matcha, if using.

  • Mix until creamy. Add a handful of ice cream and mix again.

Tip: Freeze the kale in advance for a more iced smoothie.

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