Kimchi Mushroom & Avocado Sandwich
 – Green Kitchen Stories – LaoudIt Recipe

Kimchi Mushroom & Avocado Sandwich
 – Green Kitchen Stories

Last Wednesday we started a new Cookalong Instagram series called Lunch therapy. In this series, we’ll be sharing fun / sassy / delicious / awesome 15 minute lunches for all of us who work from home and need a break from sad lunches and office leftovers. The idea is that we will all feel a little happier and better if we take a short break from work and have a 15 minute therapeutic cooking session together where we cook something beautiful and tasty. Kind of like when you go out to a nice restaurant for lunch but we do it at home. We’ve created this delicious hot mushroom and spicy kimchi sandwich on a sliced ​​avocado sandwich. This is one of my favorite sandwiches and I hope you like it too. Click here to view the step by step instructions and scroll down for the full recipe.

If you want to join me for our next noon-therapy kitchen on Wednesday, we’ll make a bowl of herbal yogurt with hot Harissa chickpeas and a sweet and crunchy persimmon salad on top. It’s creamy and crunchy, hot and cold, spicy and cool. Seriously, I can’t stress enough how delicious this meal is, so join me in my stories Wednesday at noon (CET). Click here for the shopping list.

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