Orange, Date & Avocado Salad + Big Love April – Green Kitchen Stories – LaoudIt Recipe

Orange, Date & Avocado Salad + Big Love April – Green Kitchen Stories

Hey, I hope all is well. We are in our country house in the Stockholm archipelago enjoying the Easter holidays but I wanted to publish this recipe before citrus is entirely out of season. I’ll tell you more about the salad below, but first we wanted to share a few links to things we love, projects we’ve been involved in, and new books we’re looking forward to.


– When Covid hit Denmark, the Noma restaurant had to temporarily close, but it is interesting that the Noma team opened an outdoor burger restaurant. Popl and their Vegetarian burger is made with fermented quinoa and it looks amazing. We can’t wait to visit!
– Every recipe from Hetty McKinnon’s new book In Asia with love looks so good. Count on me for all the simple noodle dishes!
– Luise and I participated in the second episode of the Coming Clean project podcast with Oliver Amdrup-Chamby from Puori and Jackie Bowen from Clean Label Project, where we talked about the transition to a plant-based diet and learned a lot about toxins in food. Find it in your podcast player.
– Emblematic chef David Chang cooks salmon in his microwave and the comments section goes bananas. Hilarious to read.
– For anyone interested in working in social media, I highly recommend subscribing to Rachel Karten. “Link in Bio” newsletter. She was previously Social Media Manager at Bon Appétit Magazine and her interviews are excellent! It also lists job postings on social media.
– Luise made a interview (in Danish) with To The Moon Honey on the life of parents, the creation of a midwifery school and our Puori Supplements.
– Heidi Swanson is one of the first food blogs we read and all of her books are gorgeous with that signature California vibe. We ordered his new book Super natural simple and I can’t wait for it to arrive.
– Funny news! We’re working on a brand new edition of our plant tattoos together with illustrator Penelope Dullaghan and the sketches to date look awesome! They will be available this summer.
– The last book we want to recommend is Julia Turshen’s new book Simply Julia. He is smart, creative, straightforward and has a very balanced outlook on health.
– If you are wondering what to cook during the Easter holidays, here are some tips:
Soups: Asparagus and spinach soup or Carrot, tomato and coconut soup
Salads: Grilled asparagus and creamy lemon quinoa or spring party salad
Pies: Perfect picnic pie or Beet and green pie
Chocolate: Chocolate Tahini Cups where Banana, almond and chocolate cake

Let’s move on to this salad. I cooked this like a Lunch Therapy Cookalong on instagram the other day and it’s as beautiful as it is simple. We practically lived off citrus this winter, both as a snack but also as a salad for lunch and dinner. If you haven’t tried citrus salads, they taste amazing combined with bitter greens, baked feta cheese or – as in this recipe – with olive oil, creamy avocado, crunchy hazelnuts, sweet dates and bread to soak up any leftover juice. Check out the links and enjoy the weekend!

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