Roasted Pumpkin & Hummus Winter Salad – Green Kitchen Stories – LaoudIt Recipe

Roasted Pumpkin & Hummus Winter Salad – Green Kitchen Stories

Hi, it’s David! Hope everyone is doing well and protecting themselves. Nothing this year has been normal and it doesn’t look like things will change anytime soon. We mostly nest at home and go into winter mode with lots of Frank Sinatra and chimney hygge.
We have a new colorful winter salad recipe for you today, but we also wanted to bring back an old feature here on the blog that we call Big Love. Do you remember Links to food, friends, and stuff we’ve been enjoying lately.

– I’ve been obsessed with harissa lately and this Rose Harissa is our favorite and their Apricot Harissa.
– Our friend Sara from Sprouted Kitchen runs a fantastic online Cooking club which you can subscribe to and get weekly shopping lists and recipes.
– I don’t think we’ll ever get tired of our Tahini cookie recipe.
– Elsa and Luise love it these candles.
– Say what you want on Amazon but this Christmas ad was beautiful.

Sophie who works in our test kitchen can’t wait for the next episode of Cancellation on HBO.
Australian cuisine by Bill Granger makes me want a trip to the Gold Coast to enjoy their beaches and great food. But flipping through this wonderful book is the next best thing to vacationing these days.
– Luise collaborated with Cink this summer and launched a limited edition bamboo tableware box for toddlers. Makes a great Christmas present!
– Love everything these cups by ceramic artist Erika Petersdotter. And for my birthday, the kids ordered him a specially designed and super cute “World’s Greatest Dad” coffee mug.
– I bought two ramen bowls by ceramist Ingrid Unsold the other day. But I also like it plate.
– My tennis friend makes them cozy, pretty and naturally dyed Alpacka wool socks that keep our feet warm all winter long.
– We spent this week packing and shipping a new batch of plant tattoos. International post is very slow during Covid but if you place your order this week we pack and ship almost daily so hopefully they can still arrive in time for Christmas.
– We are obsessed with this liquorice powder on porridge or peanut butter sandwiches.
This podcast episode of The Food Show on Jewish Cuisine. Just listening to it is nourishing.
To seduce cooking beautiful and delicious food on instagram (in Swedish).
– If you are looking for Christmas gifts for a vegan friend, I recommend our B12 berry booster powder. It contains a high dose of easily absorbed vitamin B12 and is delicious and addicting. Eat it with the stick, spread it over your yogurt or stir it into the water.
– Luise ordered this Elderberry Syrup from Pukka and contains honey and Manuka herbs.

Let’s move on to the salad. We know salad in winter isn’t for everyone, but it’s a nice break from all the stews, pasta dishes, and baking trays that we also make. It combines fresh and comforting and rich and colorful. We start with a base of satisfactory (Elsa’s new favorite word) hummus, then toss the kale, raisins and pretty beets in the dressing, top with hot roasted pumpkin and mushrooms and finish with spicy toasted seeds. It’s a real celebration. If you don’t like hummus, you might as well use yogurt or labneh in the bottom. I hope you will enjoy it!

One last thing I wanted to mention is that we are launching a new cooking series on my instagram page next week. I think we’ll also post the recipes here to stay tuned!

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