Savory Croissants with Scrambled Eggs, Labneh and Greens – Green Kitchen Stories – LaoudIt Recipe

Savory Croissants with Scrambled Eggs, Labneh and Greens – Green Kitchen Stories

When I (David) lived in Rome, croissants (or cornetti as the Italian version calls it) and cappuccino were my daily breakfast. Partly because I went to great lengths to become Italian, but also because it was the most affordable breakfast ever. Can you believe that a freshly baked cappuccino and cornetto was only € 1.50 !? Now the croissants have become more of a weekend treat for us, between bowls of porridge, banana pancakes, yogurt, baked oatmeal and pb & j sandwiches and other little ones. preferred lunches.
As much as I love bowls of porridge, banana pancakes, baked carrot cake oatmeal and rye bread sandwiches, croissants play in a breakfast league of their own – they’re so buttery, flaky, crunchy and the fact that it takes hours and hours to make them also makes it feel like ‘be more special by eating them. We have a few good bakeries near us so we haven’t made our own croissants in years (we have a cute, epic rye croissant in our Green cooking trips delivered). When we bring the kids, they always beg for chocolate croissants, but when we have natural croissants at home, adding a savory topping to them is the best breakfast / brunch. They look super luxurious and taste so rich and satisfying. We fill them with creamy eggs, tangy labneh and lots of greens, inspired by the egg croissants we ate in cafes in Australia, The cap and LA But just filling them with a slice of cheese and greens is also good. It’s also the perfect thing to make if you have a daytime croissant or two at home.
I did them on my instagram stories last weekend in a little session I called Brunch therapy so check it out if you want a more step-by-step approach and more inspiration.

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