The Creamiest Greenest One-Pot Pasta – Green Kitchen Stories – LaoudIt Recipe

The Creamiest Greenest One-Pot Pasta – Green Kitchen Stories

Have you seen “TikTok pasta” where you cook feta cheese and cherry tomatoes and then mash them into a sauce that you mix your pasta into? Elsa did this for us yesterday and watching her cook on her own was one of the cutest and proudest parenting moments I’ve had. Until I realized that TikTok actually has more influence on our daughters’ cooking skills than we do 🙂 But it was a pretty delicious pasta dish. And the lesson we learned from a viral recipe like this is that everyone seems to love quick and easy pasta recipes.
We also have some quick and delicious pasta recipes up our sleeves. This one involves kale, so it’s not our kids’ favorite, making it the perfect breakfast recipe. It’s super creamy and you can make it in under 15 minutes with just a few ingredients and a pasta pot (and a blender). You let the kale soften in the pasta water for a minute before adding it to the blender to create a creamier version of the pesto. I first saw this method in Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredient Book, but we changed it up a bit by adding a few more ingredients to make it more of a meal and serve it in a different way. We throw the pasta in half the sauce, then add the rest to the bottom of the plates. This creates a green base which both looks beautiful, but also makes the dish even creamier. We use bucatini pasta for this, it is similar to spaghetti but thicker and hollow so it can absorb a lot of sauce. It’s a gorgeous dish and it tastes like a bomb too.
I’ll be doing this as Lunch Therapy cook with Instagram stories tomorrow (Wednesday March 3, around noon CET), so make sure you have the ingredients below and join me on Wednesday: @gkstories
If you share your versions on instagram and tag me, I’ll save them and update this post with reader photos.

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