Yogurt Bowl with Harissa Chickpeas & Persimmon Salad – Green Kitchen Stories – LaoudIt Recipe

Yogurt Bowl with Harissa Chickpeas & Persimmon Salad – Green Kitchen Stories

I know we are approaching Christmas and you are probably here looking for mashed potatoes, Brussels sprout recipes and holiday candy. But to balance out all the rich holiday food, we’ll continue to post our Lunch Therapy recipes here. Although we also have an epic saffron recipe to pull in the next few days that you will need to prepare while on vacation.

Lunch Therapy is a cooking series that I (David) started on my instagram a few weeks ago for all of us who work from home and need lunch inspiration and a break from all things work and Covid. The idea is that we can find a little bit of harmony in cooking an easy but awesome / sassy lunch together on Wednesdays. And then I’ll also post the recipes here on the blog to make them more easily accessible.

I made this bowl of herb yogurt with hot Harissa chickpeas and a sweet and crunchy persimmon salad last Wednesday. You can see the step by step cooking here! It’s creamy and crunchy, hot and cold, spicy and cool. Seriously, I can’t stress enough how delicious this meal is. I relied on that old blog recipe that some of you may recognize (but I think this new one is even better). I’ve included some photos from cookalong readers as well, so if you do this and tag me, I’d like to include them in the slideshow below the recipe.

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