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Bart’s Best Hamburgers Recipe – Add a pinch

This recipe for the best burgers, two ingredients and a few proven tips is all you need to grill the best beef burgers every time!

Partially eaten hamburger with bun and all toppings with grilled sweet potatoes on plate //

We love to cook on the grill, especially in the warmer months. It keeps the house cool, is a lot of fun, and a lot easier than you might think. Not to mention, it makes for such delicious dishes, like steaks, grilled corn salad, and zucchini! With years of practice and testing, my husband, Bart has perfected his burgers to be the best I have ever tasted! These beef burgers are tender, juicy, cooked to perfection and a perfect recipe to add to your favorite grills too!

There are definitely no boring burgers here – even though my recipe only has two ingredients and is so simple to make. The secret to a perfect juicy burger lies in the beef used and following a few simple, tried and tested tips. And once you have your perfect burger, you can customize your bread and toppings to include all of your favorites!

The best hamburger recipe

Hamburger on bread with all the toppings - onion, tomato, lettuce, cheese, mayo, served with grilled sweet potatoes // addapinch on white plate //

Even though grilling is so easy, it’s not the best idea to just throw your burger on the flame and hope for the best. We’ve probably all been there and done it at some point. Over the years, we have tested every type of beef, every special press and every technique.

We’ve found that there are a few things that are important every time for the best burgers.

  • beef
  • seasoning
  • hamburger patty form and indentation
  • grill preparation and temperature

How to make the best burgers!

Ground mandrel formed into three 1/4 pound patties of uniform thickness, seasoned with Stone House seasoning, on a white plate //

Meat for the juiciest burgers

Start with a great beef burger for the best burgers.

  • Minced chuck mix 80/20 – 80% lean meat at 20% fat
  • This amount of fat necessary for the burger to be juicy and not dry
  • Form burger patties of even thickness, about 1/4 pound each
  • Press the thumb in the center of each to make a notch – you will get burgers cooked more evenly

The ratio of lean beef to fat makes all the difference in a juicy burger. We have found that we prefer a ground mandrel which is an 80/20 blend. In other words, he is 80% lean and 20% fat. We love getting our ground beef from our local butcher whom we trust for quality meat.

The ground chuck comes from the front around the shoulder of the cow. It offers a good balance between fat content and flavor, as it does not contain as much fat as ground beef, while it does contain a little more than round or ground sirloin. It may also be labeled as lean ground beef, but double check by asking your butcher.

Once you have your burger meat, shape it into individual patties of at least 1/4 pound each. Make sure that when forming your patties, you make sure that your patties have a uniform thickness.

My favorite burger seasoning

Liberally sprinkle each burger patty with Stone House Seasoning and let stand while you preheat your grill or skillet over medium heat. I’ve been sharing my homemade seasoning blend (Stone House) for years now. It only takes a few minutes to make and it’s a great mix to keep on hand to add so much flavor to recipes in a snap!

Grill the grill with a flame underneath, with a juicy grilled burger, a slice of onion and a bun on the grill //

How to grill burgers

Grilling can be so easy and make delicious burgers.

  • Preheat the grill to medium heat before adding burgers
  • Lightly brush the grill with olive oil to prevent sticking
  • Place the burgers on the heated grill
  • Cook for about 3 minutes before turning over to the other side
  • Use a large metal spatula to flip, but do not press down on the burgers or poke them while they are grilling
  • Cook until internal temperature reaches 145 degrees with a meat thermometer
  • Remove with a metal spatula when finished
  • Toast the buns during the last few minutes of baking – makes a stronger bread to contain lots of toppings!
  • If you add your favorite cheese, place the slices on the burgers as soon as they are removed from the grill
  • Let the burgers rest for at least 5 minutes to continue cooking

Some favorite hamburger toppings

  • Condiments, such as mayonnaise and mustard ketchup
  • Onions – we like to grill onions (and buns) during the last few minutes of cooking before removing them from the grill. Grilling the onions helps make them a little sweeter. Vidalia or red onions are also excellent.
  • Ripe tomato – thinly sliced
  • Lettuce – iceberg lettuce, romaine or butter for a better crunch
  • Guacamole
  • Sliced ​​mushrooms
  • Pico de gallo
  • Pineapple slices
  • Crispy bacon
  • Pickle slices

There are plenty of other tasty toppings to add to making your favorite burger!

How to cook burgers on the stove

If you don’t have a grill or if it’s too cold to grill, you can also make a delicious burger on your stovetop.

  • Lightly coat your cast iron pan or grill pan with olive oil to prevent your burgers from sticking
  • Place your burgers in the coated pan and cook over medium heat on one side for 3 minutes.
  • Then flip your burger over to the other side and cook until the internal temperature reaches 145 ° F when checked with an internal meat thermometer.
  • Remove the burgers from the pan and let them rest for 5 minutes before serving. This makes for the juiciest burgers!
Hamburger on bun and all toppings with bite, with side of grilled sweet potatoes //

Favorite hamburger sides

Southern potato salad

Grilled sweet potatoes

Baked beans


Hamburger on bread with cheese, sliced ​​tomato, red onion, lettuce and side of grilled sweet potatoes on white plate //

Here’s Bart’s best hamburger recipe. Hope you like it as much as we do!

Robyn xo

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