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Sleepy Time Lettuce WaterI’m a food blog

Lettuce water: it works!

I’m suffering from insomnia. It could be the fact that I drink too many coffees a day, sometimes even in the afternoon. Or it could be my anxiety that keeps me awake at night. I have resorted to melatonin, which apparently makes me sleep like death. Recently I ran out of it which took a few nights of turning and turning before heading to the store to buy another bottle. But then I saw a group of people drinking lettuce water on Tiktok. So I tried.

What is lettuce water?

It’s lettuce leaves and hot water. That’s it. Hot water wilts the lettuce and gives the water a light flavor. You can’t really taste it.

It comes to us via Shapla who has heard that it helps you sleep. She took some lettuce, put it in a mug with a mint tea bag, then poured hot water over it and took out the lettuce and tea. Apparently it tastes like nothing and it put her to sleep. I had lettuce in the fridge and at 3 a.m., after looking at several lettuce water tiktoks, I was more than ready to try it.

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How to make lettuce water

  1. Take a bunch of clean lettuce leaves and place them in a cup.
  2. Pour hot water on top and let the leaves wilt.
  3. Remove everything and drink the water.

Does lettuce water make you drowsy?

YES! It’s scientific. Lettuce and lettuce seed oil have long been used to promote drowsiness. Lettuce has tall lactucin and lactucarium leaves, which makes you drowsy, relieves mild aches, and promotes relaxation. Here is a study on lettuce and drowsiness that I found interesting!

Why does lettuce water make you sleepy?

The lactucin in lettuce makes you drowsy and relaxed. You can probably also just eat a bunch of lettuce, but it seems more overnight to have a hot drink. Lettuce is the new sleep tea!

What kind of lettuce can I use?

I used green leaf lettuce. You can also use romaine. Iceberg lettuce doesn’t work as well because it doesn’t have as much lactucarium. Lettuce with the most lactucarium is wild lettuce. Wild lettuce, however, is not sold in stores.

green leaf lettuce |

Lettuce in order of sleepiness

  1. red romaine
  2. green romaine
  3. red leaf lettuce
  4. green leaf lettuce

What does lettuce water taste like?

It doesn’t have a lot of taste, like water with a light, sweet vegetable flavor.

How can I make it taste nicer?

Add tea! On Tiktok, they added peppermint tea (which can actually help with deeper sleep and doesn’t contain caffeine). You can also use chamomile, ginger, or any caffeine-free herbal tea you like.

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Did it work for me?

Yes! Maybe it was because it was very late at night, but I think it was the combination of lettuce and chamomile that made me drowsy. After I finished my cup, I resisted looking at my phone in bed and fell asleep which instantly struck me.

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What to do with all your leftover lettuce

goi cuon with fish sauce |

Sweet Dreams!
xoxo steph

lettuce water |

Lettuce Water

Fall asleep easier with lettuce water.

Serves 1

Preparation time 1 min

Cooking time 1 min

Total time 2 minutes

  • 3-4 leaves lettuce torn up
  • 1-2 cups Hot water
  • 1 bag tea optional, optional
  • Place the lettuce and herbal tea in a tea cup and pour boiling water over it.

  • Let steep for 5 minutes, then remove the lettuce and tea bag. Let cool a bit, enjoy and fall asleep.

Nutritional intake

Lettuce Water

Quantity per serving

Calories 0.01

% Daily Value *

Large 0.01g0%

Saturated Fat 0.01g0%

Cholesterol 0.01 mg0%

Sodium 0.01 mg0%

Potassium 0.01 mg0%

Carbohydrates 0.01g0%

Fiber 0.01g0%

Sugar 0.01g0%

Protein 0.01g0%

* Percent Daily Values ​​are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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